Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My platform is simple – Love, Compassion and Understanding.

This is the mantra that will transform Modesto into a healthy and positive role model for other cities to follow.

For many years I have directly addressed the issues that have perpetuated disparity among the residents of Modesto.

Many times, it has seemed unchanging and hopeless, but I have not given up and this being my third race, I believe that I have attained the maturity, wisdom, and knowledge to attain goals that many have thought to be impossible.

I need your help. Whatever you can do will get me to a position that I can change the lives for the better for us today and future generations.

Please contribute whatever you can to my campaign:

A few of my primary accomplishments I have achieved during my time advocating for the citizens of Modesto, primarily the Modesto Airport District itself as well.

•             Working with community groups and local Government to better the community for all residents through direct social service case management and advocacy.

•             Research work directly related to available grant funding as well as necessary demographical statistical and narrative data for same grants.

•             In home advocacy for impoverished families – providing domestic violence counseling and education for these families’ households to thrive.

•             Advocacy for justice for many law enforcement personnel as well as civilians

•             Assisting and Coordinating Fund Raiser events for local organizations concerned with decreasing Gang Violence in Stanislaus County.

•             Recruiting veterinary services for the Stanislaus “Neuter Scooter” van to conduct Spay and Neuter services in the Airport and S. Modesto areas.

Thank you,

Robert Stanford

Approved by Committee to elect Robert Stanford for Modesto City Council District 4 2017